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About BigThis

BigThis is a website full of interesting articles from writers who have a passion writing about intersting facts from around the world. All of the articles published on BigThis are done in a beautiful fashion. You will find a mixture of freelance graphics, photos and free to use images surrounding every article, helping highlight the facts being put forward. The entire website has been built for user friendliness in mind but also eye-catching at the same time. A lot of effort goes into every article published and that is both the writing and the surrounding photography.


Easy Navigation

There are thousands of similar websites online that you will find where you can engage in hours of reading, but many do so in order to gain visitors and page-views to gain higher rankings. BigThis is different, you will never see a “next” button on the same article, the article you want to read is all on the same page, the only next button is to navigate to a relevant article at the bottom of each page.


No Annoying Ads

There are no annoying, intrusive ads or popups, we want to provide a beautiful website that you can enjoy reading and sharing with your family and friends and when you do share BigThis, you know you are sharing a quality website and the people you share it with will appreciate it.


Unique Content

All of the content on BigThis is unique, original and is updated regularly, so it is a good idea to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Each time a new article is posted, our social media accounts are automatically updated with the latest reading, giving you instant and direct access to each new article.



We have various categories, not too many, just enough to place everything into an easy to find order. The categories we use cater for most informative writings that you will ever want to read and can even open your mind to new ideas and facts.


The Team

Our team consists of a couple of paid writers, a photographer and a website builder. It is small but has the ingredients to produce something special. We are not looking to take on the world, we are just looking to provide a good read for our readers and hopefully one day sell some advertising that will pay for more articles, server costs and a better camera to produce work that you will all love.



We hope you enjoy our website and if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, read or any changes to our site, please contact us at any time.


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