The Truth About Micro-Cheating

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This week’s episode is about micro-cheating. Is it a thing? Mel and Suzie talk about where the line is with cheating. Is there a line, is it defined or does it move? Suzie thinks the line is very grey. For Mel it’s much more clear. If you are talking to someone online it’s about intent. If you are talking to someone in an amorous or sexual manner and your partner does not know, is that cheating? What is your intent if you are speaking to someone online? Where is the line with betrayal?
A couple discussing cheating


A listener’s story about cheating

Mel and Suzie share a story from one of their listeners. The story is about cheating and admitting to the cheating. If you admit to it, is that enough? Of course, the reality is that saying “sorry” does not mean that it didn’t happen! Sorry does not mean it goes away. Sorry is just that “sorry”. You have to do a lot more to repair the collateral damage that lives on.

Mel’s facts look at the warning signs if a partner is cheating. Is macro-cheating a thing or have Mel and Suzie created a new term?

Mel Facts about micro-cheating 

Signs your partner is cheating form prevention.com

1) There schedule changes

2)They have a decrese or an increase in libido

3)There friends are not friendly

What do you think? Do you have a clear line about cheating? Do you know what micro-cheating is?

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