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BigThis is a website full of interesting articles from writers who have a passion for writing. The topics we cover are varied from the arts, health, wellbeing, travel, lifestyle and much more. The website is user friendly and packed with tips and info. It’s a great source for fun facts and information you may not know! Have a read, why not, it’s free!


There are thousands of similar websites online trying to engage you to read more. Why are we different? You will never see a “next” button on the same article on BIGTHIS. The article you want to read is all on the same page. The only next button is to navigate to a relevant article at the bottom of each page. What you see is what you get!


All of the content on BigThis is unique, original and is updated regularly. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Each time a new article is posted, our social media accounts are automatically updated with the latest articles. This gives instant and direct access to each new article on BIGTHIS.


We have various categories, not too many, just enough to place everything into an easy and logical order. The categories are there to help you find the articles that are interesting to you. After all your interests are unique to you as the content is unique to us.


Our team consists of individuals who are passionate about content and the free access to it. Reading should be fun, relaxing and help you chill out with fun facts and maybe a giggle along the way. Every week we write new articles about thousands of different subjects we think you will want to know about.


We hope you enjoy our website and if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, read or any changes to our site, please contact us at any time.


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