6 Things About Milk You Did Not Know


milkMilk from cow, soy or almond gives our teeth a quarter or a third of all the calcium needed by both children and adults in a day. The milk from cow is very good source of lean protein. This is because cow milk contains nutrients that are important like phosphorous, vitamin D, potassium, niacin and riboflavin which is good for health of children and grownups.


Kids need more Milk

Mothers insist on children drinking milk whether they know its actual benefits or it is just by nature. According to research 73% of the children drink milk but only about 20% of them drink the healthy low-fat or nonfat milk. The benefits of low fat milk are that it avoids that fats that we do not need in out body. The following are how children should be taking milk;
⦁    Children between 2 to 3 years should have 2 cups of milk
⦁    Children between 4 to 8 years should have 2 ½ cups
⦁    And those who are 9 years and above should have 3 cups of milk


Milk makes you live longer

It is known that milk is the best in contributing to your nutrition and although adults may stop from taking milk because they think it is for children. This is never true, drinking milk helps you escape disease that may cause stroke by 20%. This shows that when you drink milk your chances of living longer are increased. The people who take milk are able to ensure that their bones remain strong especially the old people who their bones may become weak in old age. They are advised that they should have milk in their every diet. This will sure that you remain walking and remain strong for long.


Milk is very good for your teeth

Milk is enriched with calcium and vitamin D that are very essential for growth of health and strong bones. Permanent tooth may become loose and weak and even pull out if they lack the vitamin D and calcium. This can cause lose of teeth of people but drinking milk keeps your teeth strong and healthy.  Teeth are essential for eating especially hard food that need chewing and when you lose teeth it may affect your diet and nutrition and therefore you need to keep having a good smile and eat healthy always.


Milk gives you energy

Research has shown that drinking milk especially chocolate milk can be very good source of calories especially after you have exercise. When you drink chocolate milk after your exercise you will have enough energy to keep going and remain healthy. You sometimes may wake up feeling lazy or weak but with milk in your diet you are assured of waking up refreshed and ready to face everyday challenges.


Chocolate milk for children

It has been established that children who have flavoured milk are healthier than those who drink beverages like soda. This although has been disputed by some parents for flavoured milk use, it is better to give your child flavoured milk. Flavoured milk are not only sweet but also good and children love sweet things and instead of giving them soda you should give them sweet chocolate milk.


Allergy to milk

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Milk is also common source of allergies to children between 1 to 7.5% of children have allergies to protein from milk. However, there are many alternatives to cow milk such as the almond, soy and the rice milk. However someone should choose carefully since some have more sugar than the others. Also the nutrients differ and should be selected carefully when choosing alternatives to milk.  Children are known to outgrow allergies after a very short time. According to research done children who have allergies were fed food like muffins, waffles, baked food and it was found that children who were fed cooked products did better than children who took milk.


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