7 Unhealthy Habits You Need to Ditch Now

7 unhealthy hanbits

Anyone who has ever tried to break any unhealthy habits, whether it be smoking, biting their nails or whatever else, will tell you that it is hard. Habits become deeply ingrained in our daily life and often we don’t even realise that we are doing them. Nail biters often don’t even realise they are chewing their fingers until it’s too late and they start bleeding. The entire motion is almost completely subconscious.

But, just because habits are hard to break doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and it also doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. You can break bad habits and you should do your best to do overcome them so you can carry on living your best life.

Do you have any unhealthy habits you should ditch? Here are seven you might not have even thought about.

Avoiding the Doctor

Telling the doctor that you have a problem with your private parts can be embarrassing. You might have a lump, or a weird smell, or you need a smear test – whatever it is, your doctor will not bat an eyelid. Don’t be embarrassed to tell your doctor the truth when something isn’t right no matter how uncomfortable you might find it.

Thinking You Don’t Need to Floss

You do. Flossing is so important not just for the aesthetic of your mouth but to ward off harmful diseases and bacteria. Studies have even shown that poor mouth hygiene can increase the risk of non-mouth related diseases like strokes and heart attacks.

Not Sleeping Enough

It is easy to think, at 2 am, that five hours of sleep will be more than enough to get you through tomorrow. While you probably won’t fall asleep at your desk, your body will not be happy that you cheated it out of some extra snooze time. Get a full eight hours every night and you’ll find yourself more energised and generally happier.

Sitting Down All Day

If you work in an office, you need to make an effort to get up and walk around regularly throughout the day. Go for a walk at lunch time or in the evening and stand up and walk around the office every hour or two. This keeps your overall health in check and can even improve your mood.

Not Reading Proper Books

Reading is so important for the health of your brain, but in a world of Netflix and YouTube, books are easily overlooked. Some people argue they prefer to read articles, but these are quick and relatively effortless. Reading an entire book takes time and dedication but the long term effects include a reduction in the chances of Alzheimer’s and improved memory and concentration – well worth the effort! So not reading proper books is couunted as one of the unhealthy habits.

Staring at Your Phone Before Bed

The theory that the blue light from your phone causes diseases has now been debunked. However, there are studies that show that the mental stimulation caused from using your phone can prevent you from sleeping. If you lie in bed scrolling through your phone at night is one of the unhealthy habits, this will likely interfere with your sleep cycle.


Honestly, procrastinating does more to stress you out than help you unwind. You will feel so much better if you just sit down and get something done, rather than constantly putting it off and having it weighing you down. If you need to get something done, do it – and then enjoy your free time without worrying about it in the back of you mind.

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