10 Amazing Optical Illusions You Should See

Grey_square optical illusion

An optical illusion uses the mind to trick your eyes into thinking an object is something other than what it really is. Below are some of the best optical illusions you will find on the internet in both video and image form. Take your time with each one and see if you can trick your mind into understanding the truth behind each one. This is good for brain stimulation and also fun at the same time.

“Grey square optical illusion” by Sakurambo


Although the A square seems to be a darker shade of grey than the B square, they are in-fact exactly the same shade. If you were to drag a connecting bar between the two, you would break the illusion.

The Spinning Dancer


Which way is the dancer spinning, clockwise or anti-clockwise? Truth has it that people will see this different depending on which side of your brain is strongest. Try and make the dancer spin in the opposite direction to what you can see right now.

Trippy Illusion


You don´t need drugs to alter your mind! Keep your eyes focused on the red spot in the middle of the screen and when the video ends, look away from your screen at the surroundings and you will notice things moving that shouldn´t!

Duck / Rabbit Illusion


What do you see first, a rabbit or a duck? Can you trick your mind into seeing both?

“Lilac-Chaser” by TotoBaggins

Lilac-Chaser optical illusion

If you concentrate on the black cross in the middle of the screen, the disappearing dot will appear to be green.

“Café wall” by Fibonacci


The parallel horizontal lines in this image appear sloped, however, they are all straight.

Baby with Mans Head

man-baby optical illusion

Although it may look like this baby has a fully grown mans head, it isn´t. The more you look at it the easier it is to work out the illusion.

“Revolving circles” by Fibonacci


Move your head forwards and backwards and the outer circles should appear to rotate.

“Pinna’s illusory intertwining effect” by Jochen Burghardt

Pinna's_illusory optical illusion

The circles are made of squares that appear to be spiralling inwards, however, they are complete circles surrounding each other.

Different Sized Dots

mond-vergleich optical illusion

Although one dot appears to be bigger than the other, they are in-fact the same size.


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