10 Unbelievable Drawings that Look Like Photograph

jason-de-graaf photograph

To be able to take a pencil or some paint and turn a blank canvas or paper into something that looks like a photograph is an amazing talent, simply magical. All of the drawings below are in fact drawings and not photographs, can you believe it?!

1, Thomas Arvid – Limited edition Giclée on canvas


2, Paul Cadden – Pencil on paper.

This is one of the amazing drawings we have on the list that is not a photograph.


3, Kim Ji-hoon – Pencil


4, Diego Fazio – Charcoal pencil


5, Jason de Graaf – Acrylic Paintings


6, Roberto Bernardi – Oil Paintings

roberto-bernadi photograph

7, Steve Mills – Oil Paintings


8, Teresa Elliott – Oil Painting


9, Gene Tierney by Casparofambrose – Pencil

gene-tierney photograph

10, Jack Ede – Morgan Freeman


morgan-freeman photograph

So there you go, 10 of the finest “Hyper-Realistic” drawings from the worlds greatest artists in one place that .


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