4 Comedy Series to Binge

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 Fancy going to the gym? No? Neither do we. Instead, let’s curl up in bed with a good comedy series and binge watch it until our eyes are sore. That’s what winter is all about anyway, right? When the weather outside is thoroughly frightful, there is nothing better than making ourselves feel delightful with some light-hearted comedy.

There are thousands of different comedy series out there and choosing one to binge is tough. It has to have enough episodes to keep you occupied for a reasonable amount of time but you don’t want it to be so long that by the end it stops being funny (we’re looking at you Simpsons). The ideal comedy season has characters you love or love to hate, some wicked one-liners you can quote with your friends and enough back stories to make you desperate to see what happens next. It also helps if it makes you laugh until your cheeks and stomach hurt.

It sounds like a lot to ask for but there are a lot of series that have these three qualities down to a tee and more. Here are a handful of them.

Parks and Recreation

How could anybody not love Leslie Knope and her gang of oddballs in Pawnee’s local government parks and recreation department? The characters are executed flawlessly, from goofy but lovable Andy (Chris Pratt) to stony-faced but relentlessly funny Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman). The series revolves around the trials and tribulations of a team of government employees and the challenges they face both in and out of the office.

Peep Show

One of the UK’s finest offerings, Peep Show is painfullyand perhaps a bit uncomfortably realistic at times. The premise of the show is the daily life of two very average British men, Mark and Jeremy (played by David Mitchell and Robert Webb respectively). Each episode revolves around an event that happens in their otherwise mundane lives and is guaranteed to have you sniggering to yourself from opening to closing credits.

Arrested Development

If you think your family is dysfunctional, wait until you meet the Bluths. Spear-headed by Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the show concentrates on the Bluth family and their dodgy business deals. Bateman’s character is single-handedly trying to raise his son (Michael Cera) whilst trying to save the family business and contend with his un-co-operative and selfish family. The humour ranges from razor-sharp wit to downright silly spoofs and is suitable for anyone who enjoys laughing.

Summer Heights High

This wonderful series came from our friends Down Under and is the perfect mixture of hilarity and high school nostalgia. The show is the brainchild of comedic genius Chris Lilley who plays all of the show’s main characters. His acting prowess is unrivalled as he takes on the roles of snobby teenage girl Ja’mie, flamboyant drama teacher Mr. G and rebellious trouble-maker and bully Jonah. He does all of his characters to perfection as they interact at Summer Heights High School.




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