5 Reasons Everyone Should Travel Solo Once in Their Life

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There are two types of people in this world: the ones that cannot wait to travel and explore the world alone and those that find solo travel terrifying and panic-inducing. Whether you love being alone or not, solo travel is something everyone should try at least once in their life.

It might seem unnatural to book a holiday for one. We are, after all, pack creatures. This means we thrive in groups and we don’t like to be lonely. But, solo travel is anything but lonely. If you need an extra little boost to get you on that plane, here are five reasons why you should definitely travel solo at least once in your life.

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You Will Meet Amazing People

When you travel in a group or even just with one other person, it is very easy to only ever talk to the people you are with. Making new friends is an effort so why bother when you already have friends with you? But, if you do this you miss out on one of the best things about travel. When you’re solo, you have no choice but to talk to strangers and make friends on the road. The result is that you may well meet people who will become your friends for life.

You Learn a Lot About Yourself

Yes, you meet people while you travel, but you also spend a lot of time on your own. This gives you ample opportunity to get to know yourself and to feel comfortable being on your own – a skill many of us lack. This imposed solitude might seem scary at first, but it quickly becomes idyllic. You learn to value yourself and enjoy the time you get to spend on your own.

You Can Do Whatever You Want

Your journey should be exactly that: YOURS. When you travel with other people, you spend the entire time in a state of compromise. Even if you both want to do exactly the same things, there will be some things you feel inhibited from saying or doing. Those feelings don’t exist when you’re on your own. If you walk into a restaurant and sit down and don’t like the menu, you can get up and leave without having to sheepishly consult your travel companion on the matter.

You Will Have More Adventures

When you are on your own it is much easier to say yes to things. You don’t have to ask anyone else or persuade them to come along. As soon as you’ve said yes, you can go. This means if you meet a group of fun travellers in a hostel and they ask if you want to go on a spontaneous road trip into the mountains, you can instantly agree. These mini adventures with new and exciting people are exactly what travel is about and it is those moments you will remember forever.

You Will Become More Independent

Perhaps the most valuable skill you learn when travelling alone is how to be completely independent. You have to do everything for yourself and you have no-one there to help you out. Again, this seems scary at first, but every time you work out how to get somewhere or complete an excursion you will swell with pride knowing you did that all by yourself. This is an invaluable skill that will hold you in good stead for your entire life.

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