5 Reasons to Travel Before You Start Working


There are a million reasons why you should put off joining the workforce for as long as possible to travel. The main one being that once you start it becomes very difficult to stop working. You adapt to a certain type of lifestyle and you get into a good routine and all of a sudden 20 years have gone by and you have kids and a mortgage. This means that if you want to travel for more than just a few weeks, you need to do it while you’re still unencumbered by holiday request and annual leave.

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When you finish university or whatever your final stage of education might be, you are excited to join the real world. You want to put your studies to good use and make some money. But, before you get stuck in you should consider travelling. Here’s why.

Travel is a Young Person’s Game

Not all people that travel are young, but most of them are. After a certain age, the idea of bunk beds and backpacks becomes distinctly less appealing. There are some people who hold off on travel until they are retired, but why wait? Go and explore the world while you’re young and fit and when a ten-hour bus journey won’t put your hip out of place.

It Makes You More Interesting

This doesn’t mean that you have to bore people with your travel stories 24/7. Yes, you will have some cool stories, but more valuable than that is what you have learned along the way. Your cultural horizons will have broadened and you will understand the world just that little bit better than you did before. This makes you a much better dinner guest.

It Makes You Smarter

You cannot help but pick up tidbits of information while you travel. Whether it’s the local language or some of the country’s history, you will come back knowing more than you left. You won’t have a piece of paper certifying that you know these things, but this cultural intelligence will shine through when you meet new people and interview for new jobs.

You Will Be Restless While You Work

If you want real job satisfaction you need to throw yourself body and mind into your work. You have to want to progress and achieve more. If you are constantly wishing you were somewhere else or that you had done something else, you’re never going to be truly happy. Get all the travelling out of your system and then come back and focus on your work. It will make both you and your employer happy and it will put you on a positive track to accomplish want you want to achieve.

You Will Make Lifelong Friends

They say it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Travelling is not about getting somewhere, it is about moving, exploring, and experiencing. One of the most important things you will take away from your travels is the people you have met along the way. Sure, you might meet a load of loud teenagers who are more interested in lager than landmarks, but you will also meet people who will stay your friends forever. You will meet people who give you new and interesting ideas to think about and with whom you develop deep and ever-lasting connections.

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