5 Ways to Feel Happy When You’re Feeling Down

Happy person

No matter how cheerful you are as a person, there will be days when you feel down and not happy. It’s a completely normal emotion that affects everyone at some point or another. Unfortunately, sadness can be all-consuming and when we are in such a state, it can be hard for us to get out of it. There is no instant cure for feeling down but there are ways to alleviate sadness.

For some people, feeling down is a brief wave of sadness that they know will pass soon enough. For others, it can feel like they will never be happy again. Whether you fall into the first or second category, or somewhere in the middle, there are ways you can make yourself feel happy again. The most important thing to remember is that you already have all you need to be happy – you just need to know how to harness it.

Write it Down

Channelling your emotions into words is an excellent way of understanding how you feel. When you do this you break down your emotions in a very visual way. This can help you work out what it is exactly that is making you feel down and it can reduce your stress and anxiety and put you back on track to feel happy again. Some people like to write down what they have to be thankful for to try and increase the dopamine in their brain. Others prefer to write down exactly what they are feeling. Write what you think will help you best.

Cook Yourself Something Healthy

Cooking in itself is a great way to take your mind off things and to feel engaged and stimulated. However, be wary of cooking up too much comfort food. While it will taste great while you eat it, it might not make you feel great afterwards. Cooking something wholesome, healthy and delicious not only allows you to distract your sadness with cooking, but it will make you feel good afterwards so you don’t slump back into unhappiness.

Talk to Someone

Sometimes we don’t want to tell people we are feeling down. We feel like this will make us look weak or that other people don’t want to be burdened with our problems. The truth is that good friends and family will always be willing to listen to you and cheer you up. If your friends aren’t happy to do this for you then you need better friends. Pick up the phone and call you mum, sister, boyfriend, best mate – anyone you trust and just rant away. You will almost certainly feel better when you know you’re not alone.

Listen to Your Favourite Songs

There is something really special about a song you know every single word to and love unconditionally even though its 15 years old. When you’re feeling down, sometimes the best thing to do is to blast your favourite songs and sing along at the top of your voice. If you can’t do this at home then get in your car and do it while you drive around or even do it in the shower. It gets that pent up energy out of your system and injects some life into you.

Go For a Walk

Exercise really does make you feel good – it’s not just some urban legend designed to trick people into going to the gym. A walk through the park or jog around town is all it takes to get those endorphins going and make you feel a whole lot better. If the weather is awful then do a yoga video on YouTube. Literally anything that gets the blood pumping will make you feel happy afterwards.

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