5 Ways to Get Your Dream Career


After spending years getting a formal education it is time to join the workforce. Quite a different prospect than it was a decade or two ago, young people are struggling more than ever to get a job, let alone their dream career. It seems incredibly daunting but the harsh reality is that you probably won’t jump straight from graduation into the career of your dreams. The modern job market is too competitive and the dream jobs out there are few and far between. However, it is not all doom and gloom for recent graduates looking for a stimulating career. There are a few tricks you can use to make sure you’re a prime candidate for the top jobs.

Know What You Want

You can’t go out and get your dream career if you don’t know what that is. Spend some time mapping out things that you are good at and things that interest you as well as things you aren’t so good at and things that bore you. You can then use those lists to try and work out which kinds of job include the things you like and avoid the things you don’t like.

Be Flexible

If you want to be a journalist for the New York Times that’s great but you shouldn’t let that limit your applications. Apply for any and every job you can within the journalism field. Casting your net wide like this gives you a much better chance of being hired somewhere. Even if you don’t get your dream career first try, you will gain valuable experience that will put you in a better position to get it next time round.

Improve Your Resume

The most important things when applying for jobs are your resume and cover letter. This is usually the only thing an employer will see before deciding whether or not they should take you on. This means that you are going to want to make sure your resume is as good as it can possibly be and that your cover letter reads flawlessly. The first step to doing this is to proofread them both multiple times and then ask a friend or relative to do the same. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are big no-nos. Next, make sure the information you have included is presented in a clear and succinct way that will be easy for a recruiter to read and digest.

Get More Qualifications

It might seem like a drag but going back to school can be really handy. Not only will it give you additional skills that will make you a better candidate for the job, but it shows your potential employer that you are serious about whichever sector you’re hoping to enter. There is a huge range of online course available, which makes getting extra qualifications easier than ever.


Nowadays, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Attending networking events in the field you want to work in is a great way to get on track to your dream career. You will be able to meet and mingle with people who are already in the industry and who can offer you valuable advice. These new contacts can give you an insight into what working in your chosen sector is like and might even be able to offer you some tips on how to get hired.

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