7 Things Every Adrenaline Junkie Needs to Do Before They Die

Adrenaline Junkies

Some of us are adrenaline junkies. We cannot help it – it’s in our blood. We strictly adhere to the motto “go hard or go home” and we don’t stop looking for bigger, bolder adventures to get that adrenaline pumping through our bodies. Fortunately, the world is a very big place and there is virtually no end to the thrills that can be sought. The key is knowing where to look.

Whether you engage in death-defying feats on a regular basis or are just about to embark on your first adventure, here are 7 Things Every Adrenaline Junkie Needs to Do Before They Die.

Cage Diving with Great White Sharks, South Africa

Imagine being submerged in the water in a small cage while the world’s most fearsome sea creature swims towards you. Cage diving is only for the most lion-hearted adventurer. You’ll get so close to the sharks you could reach out and touch them – but I really wouldn’t recommend doing that or you might end the experience with one arm less than when you started. This is for an Adrenaline junkie.

Surf the Huge Waves at Shipstern Bluff, Australia

Just off the coast of Tasmania, this wave is hard to get to. But, once you’ve made your way there the fun begins. The towering waves that crash into the shore make some of the most thrilling surfing on earth. And, if that wasn’t enough, the water is infested with sharks, which adds yet another element of danger.

Cycle Death Road, Bolivia

In the Bolivian city of La Paz, you’ll find the notorious and aptly named Death Road. Hop on a bike and race down the rocky path that leads from the top of the mountain to the bottom. A word of warning: do not try and take a selfie while you cycle. One guy did this and rolled right off the edge of the cliff.

Kayak Over the Edge of a Waterfall, USA

The Palouse River in Washington constitutes some of the world’s most extreme white water rafting. The highlight of the rapids is the part where the water cascades for 57 metres into a river below. Adrenaline junkies can ride their kayak right over the edge of the cliff and freefall for a solid four seconds before plunging into the river.

Run With the Bulls, Spain

Every year people get mauled to death by enraged bulls as they run alongside them through the streets of Pamplona. However, if you would like to try your chances as a true adrenaline junkie why not give it a go. You’ll need to be a fast runner and have as little regard for your own life as possible.

Free Dive in Icy Water, Antarctica

Not only is the water in Antarctica freezing cold, but it is filled with enormous marine life, including humpback whales, orcas, and seals. Free diving is when you dive down to astonishing depths without the aid of an oxygen tank. Some people have managed to hold their breath for well over 6 or 7 minutes!


Jump off the World’s Highest Bungee Platform, Macau

This bungee platform allows thrill-seekers to fall for 764 feet before snapping them back up again. From the top you can see the entire city and even China’s great wall in the distance. Choose whether to jump at night or during the day and get ready to feel your stomach do somersaults as you fall.




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