A Simple Guide to Getting Your Company a Website

Happy man on a website

Having a website is an essential part of any business plan these days. Consumers, customers, business associates, and staff all look up the company they are dealing with. Not only is it a great marketing tool, but a website is an extension of your business card and can be a source for news and updates on your company. Having a website for your company is important.

Choose a Domain Name

There are a number of different ways to get a website for your company and it all starts with a domain. Choose something that relates to your business and is easy to remember. The logical choice is to use your company name; but sometimes that’s already taken, so you may have to get creative. What line of work are you in? is this an easy-to-remember add-on to your domain name?

Develop Your Website

Once you’ve got the name, you need to have a site. There are many companies who offer web design and site building services. Of course, this is probably the more expensive route to go, but it’s the most recommended option if you’re looking at creating a professional image that’s fully customized, or if you require special features.

Buy A Template

If you don’t have the money to hire someone to do all the work for you, there are also a number of templates either free or paid that you can easily customize and use. This does require some technical knowledge, and you may find that you are best helped by hiring a freelancer to do this work for you. Have a look at other projects they have done, and see what their past customers have said before you hand over those credit card details. This is your online reputation you are putting in someone else’s hands.


Finally, once the site is online you need to promote the website. We stick with the recommendation of using a full-service web design agency because they can give you advice on search-engine-optimization (SEO), and all the work that needs to be done to maintain your website and give the site’s users the best possible experience.

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