How to Ace a Job Interview

Job Interview

Getting a job is harder now than it has ever been before. Competition is fierce and everyone has CVs packed with qualifications and relevant experience to job interview. With everyone looking so accomplished on paper, the only way to really stand out is to show them what you’re made of in an interview.

So, you’ve got your foot in the door and you’re sitting across from a recruiter with their notepad at the ready. They will be analysing your every word and action to see if you are the right fit for their company. It is a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. But, if you get it right, it can be incredibly rewarding. Here are my top tips to help you ace a job interview and secure your dream job.

Be Yourself

I know, I know, everyone always says this, but this is the best piece of advice you can receive and is far less abstract than it sounds. Recruiters are humans just like you and they want to be able to work out whether you are someone they could see themselves working with. They want someone friendly, vivacious and honest, rather than a robot who has memorised the company’s website and can recite it verbatim. If you are a happy and sociable person, this will shine through and make you much more employable at the job interview.

Know the Company

Before you set foot in the interview you should know the company for which you are interviewing inside out. Read through their website, search for news articles about the company and work out where they fit in the commercial market. You can even go a step further by learning more generally about the field in which they operate. If it is a tech company, read up on the latest big tech stories in the news and keep abreast any new laws or events that may affect the landscape.

Think About What You Are Being Asked

Once your interviewer has finished asking you a question, take a few seconds to think about what they have really asked you. If they have asked you about when you worked well in a team, what they want to see is that you understand the dynamics of teamwork and have experience successfully executing them. Read between the lines and make sure you show yourself in the best possible light.

Always Give Examples

There is no point in saying you are a good team leader if you don’t have some evidence to back it up. Make sure that every statement you make about yourself is corroborated with an anecdote of a time you actually did what you said you can do. Take your time to flesh out your stories and don’t worry about your interviewer getting bored. They are here to listen to you.

Have Questions Prepared At The End

At the end of most job interviews, candidates will often be asked if they have any questions. Use this time to show off what you know about the firm, but turn it into a question. Questions such as: “I saw you have an article about X on your company’s blog and I wondered if I could get involved with that?” go down well. Also take this opportunity to ask your interviewer what they like about the company. You’ve got the floor right now so use it well.




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