Pregnancy Mentor


Pregnancy Mentor

What to expect from pregnancy

Everyone knows what a pregnant woman looks like and we have all heard the tales of women who supposedly get that maternal glow when they are with child. We also know that childbirth is supposed to be among the most painful things a woman can experience. But, unless you have already had a baby, very few people know exactly what to expect when they are expecting.

This eBook

This e-book from Handy Reports aims to shatter some of the mystery surrounding pregnancy and childbirth and to shed some light on the reality of what so many women go through every day. There is no denying that having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have, but it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of physical and emotional stress. Your journey through your pregnancy will be an emotional rollercoaster and you will most likely feel everything from complete, unadulterated joy to blinding panic and dread. This fluctuation of emotions is completely normal and nothing to feel upset or ashamed about. Pregnancy Mentor is here to help.

Change in your mind and body

The first thing to understand is that the changes in your mind and body will begin on day one and they will keep going long after the nine months is up. Many people think the stress and discomfort of pregnancy ends once the child has been pushed out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Post-natal depression, anxiety, stress, and physical pain are all perfectly normal after effects of having a baby. Particularly if you have just had your first child, you will experience a huge range of emotions on a daily basis for a hefty chunk of your newborn’s early days.

The physical pain of childbirth can be severe and unpredictable. Even the hormonal fluctuations have been given their spotlight by the media and other women. But, these are not the only changes you will go through when you have a baby. Self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy are common among first time mothers who suddenly wonder whether or not they are going to be good parents or not. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of women around the world are having these exact same doubts. In fact, your own mother probably did too.

Drastic Changes

Add to that the fact that you have probably stopped working for a bit and have possibly moved somewhere less urban to raise your child. These are drastic changes that all come at once and can be overwhelming to say the least. You may also have moved away from your parents and family network or your friendship circle, which can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. Perhaps your partner has had to go back to work and you are alone all day every day in the house with your baby. It is understandable how negative feelings can begin to infiltrate your mind.

The main take away from the Pregnancy Mentor e-book is not to let these changes bring you down. It can certainly be hard to stay positive when so much is happening in your life, but knowing your feelings are normal and there are other women who feel the same as you should be a comfort. Let the pregnancy mentor transform your journey into the most positive experience of your life.

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