Review of Wixtainment You Should Read


When work is slow or your home alone it is nice to catch up with what is going on in the world of entertainment. Wixtainment is the latest Internet offering to provide us with up to the minute news about what’s going on in higher circles. It consists of a simple and functional design that is easy to navigate and allows you to get what you want without trawling through loads of rubbish in the process. But don’t let its simplicity lead you to certain assumptions. Wixtainment is both thorough and interesting and I absolutely love it. Need some more convincing? Let me break it down for you.

It Covers a Lot

Wixtainment is not just another website about who’s doing who and all the other Hollywood scandals that crop up on a daily basis. Yes, there is a section for gossip if that’s what you’re looking for but the website also covers a number of other topics. Along the top of the homepage you will find buttons that you lead you to pages regarding Radio & Music, TV & Movies, Videos and Celebrities. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have sections about fashion, beauty and a whole host of other things to keep you fully entertained. The only problem you’ll encounter is forcing yourself to stop browsing and get back to work.

It’s Attractive

As mentioned earlier, the interface of Wixtainment is simple and with this comes a level of under-stated beauty. There’s no flashy graphics here or obnoxious colour schemes that give you a headache just from looking at them. All you will find here is white and black with a splash of pink here and there to sweeten the deal. Throw in a bunch of photos to illustrate the article headlines and you’ve got yourself a rather sexy looking homepage that beckons to be explored.

It’s Comprehensive

There is certainly no shortage of information on the Wixtainment website. The articles are constantly being updated so the news you see on the site is always fresh. Not only do they have a lot of articles, but they have articles that cover the same story from different angles. For example, one article will give the facts while another will discuss the social implications of the story. This helps give readers a well-rounded view of the topics they choose to investigate.

It Guides You

Once you have read an article you may find that your thirst for knowledge has been piqued. Wixtainment has fully capitalised on this with their “you may also like…” section. This part has been designed to guide you on to more articles of a similar nature without making you go back to the homepage and scroll through headlines. It gives you three options. Click on one of them and you will get a new article and another three suggestions. Theoretically you could just carry on ploughing through articles just like this until the end of time. But, you shouldn’t. Probably.

The Live Traffic Feed

This is something I haven’t noticed with other websites. Wixtainment has a live traffic feed on the side of the website, which lets you know who is reading certain articles and where in the world they are. While this information is not particularly useful on a case by case basis, there is something very reassuring about feeling like you are part of a little community. You might not know each other but you are all reading the same articles, wherever you might be. I like that a lot.

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