Sexual Health Awareness

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Awareness of sexual health issues is very important. It is more than just being aware and informed about diseases and potential dysfunctions. It is also  understanding the connection between your  physical, mental, mental and social wellness with regards to your own sexual health.

Sexual health awareness

It relates to being aware and educated about STDs, HIV, pregnancy, abortion, infertility, cancer, and a large variety of sexual dysfunctions.  There are at least 25 different sexually transmitted diseases. They  can be transmitted by sexual contact, consisting of vaginal, oral and anal sex. Often an STD takes a long time to reveal any sort of issues or symptoms.

The following are a few of the most common STDs that affect sexually active people: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Bacterial Vaginosis, Crabs or Pubic Lice, Epididymitis, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, Gut Infections, Hepatitis, Molluscum, Non-Specific Urethritis, Scabies, Syphilis, Thrush, Trichomonas Vaginosis, Balanitis.

Early detection and treatment

This is crucial in order to prevent the spread of STDs that may cause long-term and very serious health complications. When left ignored, STDs might cause infertility and can be handed down from a pregnant mom to her baby in the womb. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be quickly passed onto sexual partners.Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are diseases triggered by viral or bacterial infections that can be passed on through sexual contact.

Avoiving rather than treating

As with other health issues, avoiding Sexually Transmitted Diseases is much easier than treating them. Abstaining from all kinds of sexual contact might be the only way to prevent STDs, but of course it is not very realistic. Individuals who are sexually active must think about getting routine gynecological or male genital examinations to check for STDs. This is important when sexually transmitted disease are still in their earliest and most treatable phase. Education and knowledge however are how we will win the war over the spread sexually transmitted diseases. The key is teaching people about STDs and how to protect themselves and prevent the spread.

Sexual Dysnfunction

When something physical is stopping you from functioning sexually it can be very distressing. The common feeling is one of embarassment and that only you are suffering. This is simly not true. Most adults suffer from some form of sexual dysfucntion at some point in their lives.  It can be more medial, physical or psychological reasons. With men the most common is erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. With women low libido or the loss of sexual desire.

There is a delicate balance needed between sexual health awareness, self-respect, and social responsibility.  More education is needed and more sharing of knowledge without the shame and embarassmenet. Parents of teens should have more open and ongoing discussions with their children and as adults we should be less afraid to talk and communicate more.

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