Top Beauty Treatments of the Rich and Famous


It’s pretty much universally known that there is no such thing as a rich, ugly person. Besides all the surgery wealthy people use to alter their appearance (see the entire Kardashian/ Jenner clan) – what gives the rich and famous their glow is their indulgence in world-class beauty treatments. While we might not be able to afford to have our face encrusted with diamonds or employing a live-in beauty therapist, we can certainly take inspiration from the beauty treatments of the rich. The following list comprises some of the best beauty treatments that celebrities swear by – you might be shocked by how affordable some of them are.

Goldfaden MD’s Doctor’s Scrub

If you want your skin to glow like the women you see in the magazines but don’t have Photoshop then this scrub is a real life solution. The scrub contains tiny ruby crystals that cleanse the skin by “polishing away dead surface cells”. Kate Hudson swears by it and given that it is only $75 a tube, we might start swearing by it too. For skin that radiates health and beauty, this seems like a bargain to us.

Full Body Facials

So it turns out a facial isn’t only for your face. More and more celebrities are getting a full body facial before they step out into the public domain. This treatment is particularly popular with Victoria’s Secrets models. When you’re showing a lot of skin, you want to make sure every inch of it looks perfect. The experience comprises a number of different steps, which include laser treatment, peels and creams.

Botox Lite

A lot of stars nowadays are not allowed to get Botox. Their contracts forbid it. So, what are they to do when they’re in need of a little lift? The answer is Botox Lite. This much more subtle treatment only last 3 months instead of 5 but is much better for celebrities who can’t afford to have a frozen face. By injecting tiny bits of this chemical, patients still have full control over their facial movements – an essential component for actors and actresses.

Caviar Hair Treatment

This is a particular favourite with superstar Catherine Zeta-Jones. It sets her back $150 (not an unfathomable amount of money) and lasts around an hour. During the process, she has her hair completely covered with caviar and the omega-3 rich fatty oils are massaged into each strand. By the end of the treatment, her hair is so glowy that you can almost see your reflection in it.

Skin Tightening

Why is it that you never see celebrities with sagging skin? Well, they aren’t naturally like that. Skin tightening has become one of the hottest trends in Hollywood for the rich and famous. The treatment is usually performed just before a big event as the immediate 48 hours afterwards show the best results. The process includes a retinoid peel, Intense Pulsed Light and radio frequency.

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