Job Roles That Allow You To Travel

Air Hostess job

Traveling is a fun way to explore the world, see its beauty and learn about it. But traveling costs money. It involves planning and requires one to have freedom. There are however a few job positions that involve traveling and once in a while we all wish we were in their shoes, at least for once in our life time. Here are some positions that allow you to travel.

Airline employee

One need not be a flight attendant only. He or she can even be a family member to enjoy the perks. Almost all employees enjoy travel benefits.


Travel Agent

Travel Agents job

The job isn’t as big as it was earlier, with the invention of internet. Yet it still exists. A travel agent gets opportunities that others don’t. One benefit is the familiarization trips or FAMs. Travel suppliers create such programs with the thought that visiting these places will encourage agents to refer other people to visit them by sharing their own experience.


Teach English

English Teacher job

English is one of the most popular languages of the world. All over the world there are people who want to learn it. An easy way to get out of the hometown and move to another city or country is to teach English. Teaching English requires a certification from TOEFL. It is not too difficult to obtain and can be completed in about a month or so.


Cruise Line Employee

Cruise Ship
Imagine getting paid while seeing places and meeting new and interesting people. Working in a Cruise line as a camp counselor, entertaining kids, serving food and photographing the ship are roles that will give you the opportunity to do the above. The sight of lovely waters and land will do enough to soothe your sense. Cruise Lines offer aspiring cruise workers, roles in departments like food and beverage, guest services, HR, entertainment and more.


Peace Corps Volunteer

Peace Corps

Not a six figure salary to look forward to, but allows one to make a difference and also travel the world. You may have to live on a budget and assignments will typically last for two years. You may have to impart education, health care, economic and agricultural development to people in areas that perhaps are out of your comfort zone. It will help you to look at the world differently.


Tour Guide

Tour Guide
There are “tour guide jobs” on that require helping visitors with touring the city of SFO to taking them around Warner Bros. Studios. The best way forward in finding a tour guide job that works for you would be to determine which place you’d like to live in and then reach out to travel agencies and landmarks in that area.

Travel Writer

This is again not an easy way to make money, in fact one can’t hope to live off of the money from this job, but surely can have fun. Full time positions are available but more frequently; travel magazines hire part time workers or freelancers.

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