What are the Best Paid Jobs for Graduates?

Graduates salary

After spending three, four or even five years slaving away at university. It is a comforting thought that when you finally earn your degree you will be able to leave campus and walk straight into a job that pays you enough to make all those sleepless nights seem worthwhile. Unfortunately, with more and more graduates, competition is tough but with some hard work and a killer CV you could very well land one of these fantastically well-paid graduate jobs. Read on to find what these jobs are.

Trainee Solicitor

As a trainee solicitor you should expect to be working every hour god sends and being handsomely rewarded for it. Trainee solicitors in the UK can earn anything from £35,000 to £100,000 depending on which law firm you manage to get in with. The work is challenging but interesting, as you will be taking on all kinds of different cases and learning about multiple areas of corporate law.

Investment Banker

Not only will you be earning a fantastic salary as an investment banker but you will also receive all kinds of great benefits such as discretionary bonuses, free or subsidised gym membership, private healthcare and even share options if your company is particularly generous. You might not have much time for a social life for the first few years of your career but you will certainly be able to afford some excellent holidays.

IT Jobs

There are all kinds of different jobs in IT for graduates. But the one thing they have in common is that they all pay their graduates very well. Generally graduates can expect to earn between £30,000 and £40,000. Many companies offering signing on bonuses as well as higher salary bands for employees with a Masters or PhD in computer science or a similar discipline. Even if you picked up coding as a hobby you could be an ideal candidate for a job in IT.


Despite the reputation accountants have for being boring, there is certainly nothing boring about a hefty sum of money being deposited into your bank account each month. Generally, the minimum starting salary for a city accountant is around £29,000. If you have a head for numbers and have taken a degree in maths, accounting, finance or something along those lines, you are already halfway there to getting yourself a job in this field.


Consultancy is an incredibly broad industry and professionals within it have expertise in everything from business to medicine. If you are interested in becoming a consultant then it is a good idea to choose your degree based on the area in which you would like to consult. Starting with salaries at around £31,500, it’s a great job if you want a job where every day is different.

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