What is VIP Upgrades? Everything You Should Know

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VIP Upgrades is a service that is revolutionising the way people travel. Whether you travel every week for business or once a year for your summer vacation, VIP has a way to help you out. The point of the service is to streamline the entire planning and booking process for you so that your mind is free to think about more important things.

In essence, VIP Upgrades offers you unique discounts and services to make sure you turn up at the airport full of energy and ready to go. Gone are the days of feeling exhausted and stressed out before your vacation has even started. So, how exactly can VIP Upgrades help you with your travel? Let’s take a look.


Perhaps the most alluring thing about a VIP Upgrades membership is that it unlocks all kinds of discounts. VIP members can enjoy cheap car rental as well as discounted hotel rooms and airport lounge access. But, it doesn’t stop there. VIP Upgrades also provides access to events that you thought were sold out and even has special discount codes for those who want to purchase baggage. The more money you save before your vacation starts, the more beer money you’ll have when you get there.

Free Membership

If you don’t travel that often you might wonder what the point is in investing in a VIP Upgrades membership. Well, fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that at all. The Elite level VIP Upgrades membership is completely free. All you need to do is register and all the benefits will instantly become available to you. If you are a frequent traveller and want to really make the most of your membership then you can upgrade to one of the paid memberships levels: Platinum or Premier. These memberships unlock a range of other discounts and benefits.

Lost Baggage Service

There is nothing worse than getting to your holiday destination after months of planning and getting excited, only to find out that your luggage has gone missing. VIP Upgrades provides each one of its members with special luggage tags. Simply attach the tag to your bag and write your membership number on it. This way if anyone finds it all they have to do is contact VIP. They will put the finder of your luggage directly in touch with you so you can be reunited with your belongings.

Blog Posts and Smart Traveller Articles

Travelling is one of the most incredible things in the world. But, that doesn’t make it easy. VIP Upgrades regularly updates its blog with handy articles that will provide you with inspiration as to which destinations to visit as well as things to do while you’re there. The Smart Traveller Series provides a more practical source of information. It offers its readers advice on how to acquire and use air miles, how to get upgraded on planes and how to save money when you’re booking travel.

Once you are a part of the VIP Upgrades community, you are sure to develop a new found appreciation for travel. With all the hassle out of the way, all you have to do is enjoy your trip!

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