The source of health and wellbeing?

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The majority of us understand that consuming good food and working out is essential to your overhall good health, but is there more? What is the source of good health and wellbeing?

Research studies

Research studies suggests that the significant factors to consider with regards to good health that are even more important than your genes, diet or exercise are the management of stress and anxiety. At the heart of good health and wellbeing is how we deal with stress and anxiety. Stress is part of life, it cannot be eliminated but it can be managed. It is of course  easier said than done. How do you actually stop the panic from setting in when the reaction your body has is so real? How do we deal with and  manage stress levels? Our bodies are wired with a “fight or flight” mechanism that allows us to activate our inner strength when we need it most. This system gives us the ability to combat present threats or to run from them if we need to so.

This mechanism is also triggered when we BELIEVE there to be a risk, even when no real survival risk actually exists. When the stress response is triggered, blood is taken from our brain and organs and put into our legs and arms to allow us to run away or fight the present danger.When the threat is over and we have actually released the tension through running or fighting, our bodies go back to normal and blood once again flows to our brain and organs.

The source of stress levels

The source of health and wellbeing

What if you are the source of your own stress levels? The body goes into the stress response the minute you think scary thoughts. One  of the most important things you can do for your health and wellness is to become conscious of your thoughts that create stress. Try to change or manage those thoughts.  Individuals who have actually discovered how to let difficult things roll off them are generally in better health. Individuals who allow the many challenges of life to  continuously stress them out and invade their thoughts can suffer from health issues and it is incredibly damaging.


Stress and Anxiety

When we start to believe the scary ideas going around our heads, we trigger stress and anxiety and our bodies go into a stress reaction defense mode. When we move “out of our minds” and into our understanding, we will stop believing the ideas that trigger stress and anxiety and rather take sanctuary in a calmer  place. Thoughts and ideas that are untrue, that we have exagerrated by letting our minds run wild can cause stress and anxiety. The mind like the body needs to managed to be balanced. We seem to think that it’s just your body that needs to exercised, fed and fueled and looked after. The mind needs to looked after as well.

Managing stress and anxiet

Being mindful, managing stress levels, knowing and being aware of what triggers your anxiety levels is key to health and wellbeing. You probably cannot live a life without stress and anxiety but you can manage and stop it from accelerating and understand what triggers it. Your ability to manage stress and anxiety will have a hugely beneficial impact on your mental and physical health. The absolute best thing you can do for your health and wellness is to become aware of the ideas  and thoughts that create and turn into stress and anxiety. Practice and believe  in your ability to manage your mind and reduce stress and anxiety to access inner peace.

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