Women’s Health

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Women’s health what do we mean by that?Is it different to that of a male. There are diseases that are more prevelant in women and vice versa. Nowadays, individuals are living longer  thanks to the marvels of modern-day medication. There are still some health red flags that woman ought to be looking out for to make sure they prevent major health problems as far as possible.

There are a series of various symptoms and signs that women need to be aware of. The health problems that women need an eye out for are often different than those of males. Anything associated to a female’s reproductive system is a distinctively a female issue.

Here are some of the primary things that women need to look out for to make sure early medical diagnosis of anything that might possibly be damaging to their health or even fatal.

Breat cancer

Breast cancer is the most prevelant cancer found in women and a frequent cause of death. Women need to  keep an eye out for any unusal bumps or swelling in their breasts and/or a modification in shape or size of their breast.


Osteoporosis which is a disease that weakens bones to the point that they will break easily. Your diet is important. Make sure it is high in vitamin D and calcium as these will enhance your bones and avoid frailty.


Belive it or not, women are are more vulnerable to strokes than males. I think this is contrary to what we are lead to believe.

There are a variety of various indicators and signs that women should be  looking out for and are important not to miss.



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