4 Nature Spots That Are In Serious Danger Right Now

Nature Spots

The planet is covered with natural beauty and there isn’t a country on Earth that doesn’t have something they can bring to the table as Nature Spots. But, some of these patches of natural beauty are in danger of being wiped off the face of the planet. Armed conflict, human carelessness, climate change and deforestation are all causing an alarming amount of natural wonders to fall into disrepair or to be destroyed entirely. It is a tragic state of affairs but the world is taking notice of what is going on. The World Heritage in Danger list aims to draw people’s attention to what is going on and to encourage national governments to invest in protection and conservation projects so that our grandkids will still be able to enjoy all of the beauty nature has to offer.

Here are some of the worst affected nature spots in the world and what has gone so wrong to put them in this position.

The Everglades National Park, United States

The Everglades is a rich stretch of grassy wetland found in sunny Florida. It is lush, beautiful and in great danger. Home to hundreds of species of birds and reptiles, the Everglades plays an important role in the eco-system of the South of the United States. However, pollution and urban decay are wreaking havoc on the area and have caused a number of species to fall into the endangered category. Another cause for concern is the level of polluted water flowing into the Everglades as around eight million people depend on the stretch of water to provide them with drinking water.

Land of Olives and Vines, Palestine

Unless you have been living under a rock for the entirety of your life, you will be aware that Palestine hasn’t had the easiest time. Constant battles with neighbour Israel have rendered the country highly unstable and have threatened some of the country’s nature spots. You do not need to pick a side to understand the tragedy that would be caused by the destruction of the gorgeous part of Palestine known as the Land of Olives and Vines. The area comprises a number of terraced farms, which depend on a favourable border agreement between Palestine and Israel to enable farmers to continue tending to these plots.

Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

You don’t often hear about people going on vacation to the Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC for short. You hear about violence and war and other such atrocities, but rarely anything positive – which is a real shame. The DRC is home to the Virunga National Park, a spot of extreme natural beauty and the abode of the rare and endangered mountain gorilla. The park is currently under threat from violent militia groups as well as poachers.

East Rennell, Solomon Islands

If you look at pictures of East Rennell, the southern part of Rennell Island, on Google Images you will come away thinking that this tiny South Sea Island is the earthly embodiment of heaven. This is not wrong. Sparkling lagoons, bathed in golden sunshine are just some of the delights you will find here. The island is stunning in every way but it was placed on the World Heritage in Danger list because of logging activity that has taken place in its vicinity.

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