5 Apps That Will Make You Smarter Today

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They say that knowledge is power and the modern social landscape would suggest that this is true. Nowadays, we thirst for knowledge because we know that it is the one thing that can elevate us through society. From trivia snippets at dinner parties to expert research in the boardroom, when we know things, people take the time to stop and listen to us. So, next time you find yourself scrolling through social media, ask yourself if you could be using that time more productively. If the answer is yes, download one or all of these apps and start your personal journey to become a more knowledgeable you today.


This is one of the clever apps that train your brain up in a range of different disciplines, including reading, writing, speaking, and maths. Each day you will be given a recommended training programme that will test your skills in five different areas. The tests take the form of short games and your performance is recorded at the end of each one. The better you perform in the games, the quicker you progress through the difficulty levels and the better trained your brain becomes. If you’re the competitive type, get your friends to download it as well and compare your scores.


Duolingo is the app that is taking language learning to the next level and helping people around the world communicate with one another. The app is currently offering 28 languages for English speakers to learn and it is in the process of developing several others. As well as your typical French, German, and Italian, Duolingo offers more obscure languages such as Swahili, Vietnamese, and Czech. You can even learn Klingon if you were that way inclined. The learning is easy and effective so everyone can do it.


Fooducate is revolutionising the way we consume food and is helping us make better choices when we go grocery shopping. Using the app, you can scan the barcode of the item you wish to purchase. The app will then generate a profile of the item, including any health warnings about the product and its nutritional values. This data can tell you whether the item is suitable for your diet and whether you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Personal Zen

Everyone needs to distress every now and then. Personal Zen can help you do exactly that. The app is low-stress and highly enjoyable. It involves playing relaxing games to help you get out of your own head and think about something else for a bit. The app has also been shown to reduce anxiety and was built by expert neuroscientists who have analysed the science behind stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed then this app is well worth giving a go.

Memory Trainer

One of the biggest problems facing modern society is the fact that no-one can remember anything anymore. We rely on technology to do everything for us, from remembering phone numbers to giving us directions. There is very little we actually need to use our brains for and that can cause all kinds of problems, including dementia and Alzheimer’s. This app is designed to train up your brain and help you remember things better. It comprises a bunch of really fun games that you can play anywhere, anytime. Your brain will thank you for it in a few decades time.

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