5 Food Trends of 2017 You Need to Know

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Food trends crop up all the time, some more obscure then others, and 2017, so far, has been full of them. In an age where we are increasingly concerned about what we eat, food trends often serve the greater good. They tell us what is good to put in our bodies and what we can do without as well as informing us of the ethical consequences of eating various different foods. As our knowledge of food expands, so, presumably, do our health, life expectancy and overall happiness. So, let’s take a look at the food trends that have stormed the culinary scene in 2017.


Who would have thought that this age-old Mexican dish would suddenly take the limelight? Regional foods have been à la mode for some time now but it seems like the taco is reigning supreme. Simple yet delicious, these Latin delights consist of meat and/or veggies with a bit of mole, guacamole and salsa in a folded tortilla. They will have you pining for more.

Food You Can Instagram

There’s no denying, the most common photos you see on Instagram are beautifully presented salads and coffees with hearts drawn in the foam. This latest food trend has capitalised on that and a number of restaurants have started paying more attention to the presentation of their food. They know full well that millennials value Instagram-ability and are willing to pay for it just to get some of those oh-so validating likes on social media.


It might not sound like the most appealing thing in the world but one of 2017’s big food trends involves eating insects. While this is the norm in Asia and other parts of the world, the West still has to come to terms with it. Deep-fried crickets and other creepy-crawlies are sneaking on to the scene as is flour made from pulverised insects. Would you eat a cake made from bug flour?

Purple Food

It used to be the case that only those willing to traipse through farmers’ markets had the privilege of eating purple food. Now, this unusual colour is making it mainstream as supermarkets start stocking up on purple food. Corn, potatoes and cauliflower are just some of the foods that can be naturally purple, depending on which vitamins and nutrients they contain. Blend colours together for the ultimate breadth of goodness.

Edible Cookie Dough

Of course, we have to end on something a little bit naughty. We were all warned as children not to eat cookie dough because of the risk posed from the raw eggs it contains. I think we all did it anyway but that’s beside the point. Now those fears are gone thanks to the creation of edible cookie dough. This delicious wonder is either made without eggs altogether or with pasteurised eggs, so it is safely salmonella free. Finally! Now pass us a spoon.

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