5 Perfect Destinations for the Budget Traveller


Nothing comes for free and travel is no exception. As a traveller, once your flights are booked you will already see a hefty dent in your budget. But, travel doesn’t have to break your bank. There are dozens of destinations around the world that can be visited on a very modest budget. They have cheap food, cut-price accommodation and just as many sights and wonders as an expensive destination. Just because your destination is low budget does not mean it is going to be low on excitement. In fact, some of the most incredible places in the world cost very little to explore.

If you are ready to book your trip to one of the world’s best vacation destinations, here are five top spots to inspire you.

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Yes, the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Picchu is $500. But, the Salkantay Trail, which also leads to Machu Picchu, is completely free and equally beautiful. Peru welcomes tens of thousands of tourists every year and it knows how to make money out of them. But, if you are savvy and know how to avoid tourist traps, Peru could be one of the cheapest destinations you’ve ever visited. A two course meal in the local food market costs less than £2 and a hostel dorm can be as little as £5 a night. Essentially, you can live off £10 a day in this dreamy Latin American country.


Virtually every big city in the world will have a Mexican restaurant. But, the best Mexican food of all is, of course, in Mexico. Fortunately, Mexico is one of the most budget friendly places on earth as well as one of the most beautiful and exciting. From the glittering Pacific Coast to the myriads of Maya jungle ruins to the party strip of Cancun, there is nothing not to love about Mexico. Eat in small independent joints and sleep in family-run hotels and your holiday could cost a mere £10-20 per day.


As Thailand and Vietnam become more and more expensive due to the influx of tourists increasing yearly, Cambodia remains the cheap option in Southeast Asia. Blessed with sublime beaches and the most magnificent temple complex in the world (Angkor Wat), Cambodia has more than enough to keep a traveller entertained for the length of your vacation and beyond. On top of that, the food is to die for and beer can be found for less than 50p per glass.


Sometimes, you don’t even need to leave Europe to find a cheap vacation destination. Hungary is one of the best countries in Europe to visit and it is delightfully cheap. Budapest, the capital, tends to be the first place people explore, but traveller has plenty of beautiful nature to discover as well. Food costs as little as £3 per meal, beer is basically free and there are dozens of hostels with cut-price dorm beds.


Bolivia is officially one of the cheapest destinations on the planet but it is often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Peru and Chile. Home to the famous Salar de Uyuni salt flats and the world’s highest commercial capital La Paz, Bolivia has a lot to offer the intrepid explorer. The dramatic moon-like landscapes found in the mountains and the humid jungles of Samaipata are guaranteed to take your breath away. A budget of £10 per day will do you nicely in Bolivia.

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