5 Summer Style Lessons You Should Learn


Winter is forgiving. In winter you can wear whatever you want and then throw a big coat over it (the same coat every day no less) and no-one will ever know what’s underneath. In summer, the pressure to look good increases tenfold as we shed those cotton tights and thick paisley jumpers and start flaunting the summery floral prints and pastel colours. We only get a few months each year to show off just how stylish we can be so it is essential that we make the most of them. If you don’t care what people think then do it for yourself. Nothing feels better than knowing you’re rocking a killer outfit. So, here are some of our summer style lessons to get your started.

Denim is Queen

It might be too hot for your favourite pair of skinny jeans but this doesn’t mean you should be ditching denim. Grab yourself a denim dress and layer it up with a cute tee and some Birkenstocks for a classic summer look. Alternatively, go and find a sleeveless denim jacket to give your floral maxi dress a bit of an edge. If you live somewhere that cools down in the evenings then consider buying one that actually does have sleeves so you can keep warm and be stylish at the same time.

Sunglasses Can Make a LookIn summer, the pressure to look good increases tenfold as we shed those cotton tights and thick paisley jumpers and start flaunting the summery floral prints

Aside from having the practical use of stopping you from going blind when the sun is out in full force, sunglasses can really help make a look. Pick a pair with colourful rims if you’re going for a more playful look and complement them with some chunky jewellery or a hair wrap. If you are going for chic over fun then get yourself a simpler pair from your favourite designer and rock them with an ultra-cool but minimalist outfit.

Consider Your Feet

When it is boiling hot outside, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. For these reason, I suggest ditching the heels and sticking to something cute and comfy. Flats are great for dressing up a summer outfit and go well with statement dresses and cute skirts. For something more casual then don some sandals. Chunky sandals are the perfect accompaniment to shorts, playsuits and breezy linen trousers and will keep your feet cool and odour free – an essential when you’re likely to get sweaty.

Light Colours over Black

It is oh-so trendy at the moment to completely cover yourself in edgy black clothing but you will regret your choice of dark turtleneck when the sun is blazing and you’re sweating like a pig. Summer is all about brightening up your wardrobe and having a go at wearing a mixture of white, cream and pastels. Not only will you look like a walking flowerbed but you will also be much cooler without all that black absorbing the sun.

Spruce Up Your Neckline

When summer finally comes around, necklines plunge as we hope to blast our skin with as much vitamin D as possible. However, after spending all winter covering up with jumpers and scarves, having a completely bare chest can leave us feeling a bit exposed. Fix this problem by jazzing up your look with a lightweight silk scarf. It will make you feel more comfortable and add an extra layer of chic to your outfit.

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