7 Things Women Should Watch Out For as They Get Older

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No-one likes the prospect of getting older, but for women aging has become almost taboo. While men are widely considered better with age, women are constantly told they should do everything in their power to stop the aging process. We buy creams, lotions, and expensive facials to eliminate wrinkles; we get surgery to give ourselves a more youthful appearance; we slave away in the gym so our cellulite doesn’t get out of control. And for what? To try and pretend that we are younger than we really are so men do find us repulsive.


The truth is tragic, but that’s the way it is at the moment. The silver fox look is for men only – women are going to have to keep finding ways to look younger until Cruella streaks become mainstream fashion. If you are getting older and want to know what you can do to slow down the effects, here are seven things women should keep an eye on as they get older.


Your Metabolism Will Slow Down

Remember when you could eat a kilo of pasta in one sitting, then eat dessert, and still fit into your skin-tight jeans? Well those days are long gone and your metabolism is a mere ghost of its former self. Smaller portions and healthy dishes are the key to not letting your aging metabolism make you lose your physique.


Your Skin Will Lose Elasticity

 Everyone wrinkles as they get older, but there are things you can do to put this off for as long as possible. Drink lots of water, avoid direct sunlight, and don’t pull down on your skin when you wash your face. You might also want to consider investing in good quality facial moisturizer and use it religiously


You Will Care Less What People Think

 When we are young we are obsessed with what other people think of us. That’s why social media sites are so popular, because it feeds that validation we crave. As we get older we inevitably care less what others think of us. While this is great for our mental state, we should be wary of letting ourselves go simply because we have become apathetic.


Your Body Will Be Your Canvas on which Your Life is Etched

 Every scar, stretch mark, and blemish on your body tells a story. I bet you can remember how you got almost all of them. It is impossible to go through life unscathed. What is important is that you embrace your imperfections. Own them and accept them and share your stories with the people that matter.


Your Body Will Not Be as Resilient as it Was

 High impact sports are a bad idea as you get older. When you are young, your joints can take a real pounding and you won’t even think twice about it. Pain in your knees and back is something older people talk about – it won’t happen to you. Until it does. Get into the habit of swimming, doing yoga, and finding gentler ways to stay fit.


Pregnancy Will Become a Challenge

There are women that have popped babies out in their 50s and their children are strong and healthy. However, these cases are anomalies. If you want to have children don’t wait until it is too late as your body will start to shut down essential baby-making parts after a while.


You Might Become Sad – But Remember Everything Is OK

You may well look in the mirror and feel a pang of sadness that your body doesn’t look how it did 20 years ago. This is totally normal. But, remember that what you might have lost in terms of firm boobs, you have more than made up for in rich life experience. This all part of the circle of life and you should be proud of having made it so far.

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