Amazing Birthday Presents

Amazing Birthday Presents

There’s always that one friend who is a total pain to buy birthday presents for because they seem to have everything already. Anything they want in terms of physical things they have already bought for themselves so what on earth can you get them? The trick is about thinking outside of the box and finding something they didn’t even know they wanted. So, forget about clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. It’s time to get creative and whip up a birthday treat they’ll never forget. What are amazing birthday presents?

Spa Day

Male or female, old or young, there is virtually no-one on Earth that doesn’t enjoy being pampered. Book your friend a day of luxury filled with massages, facials, and mani/pedis, followed by a splash in the hot tub afterwards. They will love the chance to chill out for an entire day and the chances are they haven’t done that in a while. While everyone loves a pamper day, not that many people think to book one for themselves.

Floating Pod

You might have heard about floating pods, but if not let me explain. This craze popped up a few years ago and has gained popularity ever since. The premise is simple: you float in a tank filled with water that has been heated up to body temperature. You are in the pitch black and complete silence. After a while it starts to feel like you are floating. It is one of the most relaxing and interesting experiences out there and your buddy will love it. Now that is an amazing birthday present!

Tickets to an Event

The best thing about getting someone a ticket for something for their birthday is that you kind of have to get one for yourself as well. So, you both get to enjoy the happy occasion. Win-win, right? The only thing you need to do is to decide what kind of event to take them to. Popular choices are: west-end shows, football games, museum exhibitions, gigs, and workshops or masterclasses. Be sure to take lots of photos so you can follow up the experience with a collage!

Photo Album

This option only works with really good friends with whom you have taken lots of photos. Go back through your photos on your computer or take a look back in the annals of your Facebook history and pick out your favourite photos of the two of you. Go for a combination of nice and embarrassing photos to make the album both cute and entertaining. This is definitely something you friend won’t have thought to get for themselves and they will undoubtedly treasure it forever.

Donation to a Charity

If you think your friend simply has too much stuff but you still want to give them something, why not make a donation to a charity on their behalf? Do your research and find an organisation that relates to something they are interested in. For example, your friend might be passionate about education or cricket or cooking so you could find a charity that focuses on offering one of these things to under-privileged youngsters. Make the donation and then create a nice certificate on your computer to print off and give to them.

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