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Heal My ScoreWhat is a credit score? Need credit repair help read this e-book Your credit score is a summary of the information laid out in your credit report. Your score will range from 850 (the top score) to 300 (the lowest score). These grades are not necessarily included with your credit report but you can order them separately. Your credit score is then used to assess you for things like loans, mortgages, and credit cards and if they are low, this could have a negative impact on your ability to acquire such things.

Credit Score

Everyone has the right to one free copy of each of their three credit histories per year and another free report within 60 days of having been denied credit. In order to avoid ever being denied credit, it is important to keep your credit score in good health, but this is hard to do without knowing specifically what can harm it. The Heal My Score e-book shows you how to prevent damage to your credit score and how to repair damage once it has already been done.

What does your credit report mean?

The first and most important thing to understand is what your credit report means. This e-book breaks the entire report down into manageable chunks so you can get to grips with what is going on. Essentially, this report determines whether you have good or bad credit and any information on it that you do not believe is correct should be reported back to the bureau, which will investigate your allegation and make amendments if necessary. Credit reports are notoriously difficult to decipher at first glance, but this book will hold your hand and guide you through it.

Your credit report

The first section of the report is always your personal details, often including your name, address, date of birth, employer and the last four digits of your social security number. The next section is a summary of the report as a whole. The summary varies from report to report but will generally include information on negative accounts, total credit age and your total amount of credit card and loan balances.

After these preliminary sections, the report progresses to the itemised details of your credit history. For each account a plethora of information is presented, including: information about the creditor; status of the account; date account was opened; type of account; monthly payments; credit limit; current balance; account history for the past seven years; and more. It can appear daunting at first so take your time and run through it slowly. You may need to do this more than once.

If this brief article has already improved your understanding of a credit report and you would like to further this education then the Heal My Score e-book is the perfect tool to help you do so. For a low price you can bring yourself up to speed on all the useful tactics you can use to keep your credit rating shining so you never get rejected for credit. If you think you may have a bad credit rating then the book is even more valuable as it will show you how to fix and get back in the game.

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