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Favorite Subject - sex

It is a commonly held notion that people in long-term relationships don’t have very much sex – or any sex at all. Once the excitement and novelty of the romance wears off partners cool things off and fake a headache to get out of any night-time intimacy. While this isn’t true for every couple, it is the case for a lot of people. They love their partner with all their heart, but they aren’t as interested in making love as they once were. Maybe they have hectic work lives or they are so worn out by their kids that all they want to do come the evening is fall straight asleep.

Strangely, it has become a belief that a single person has more sex than someone in a relationship, despite not having someone readily available to have sex with at any given moment. Single people have the advantage of being able to find something fresh and exciting every time they want to have sex. This could be why the single person’s libido is higher and why they still find sex so exciting. But, being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to frequent sex. In fact, it should mean the exact opposite!

The My Favorite Subject e-book is designed to show couples how they can have not only more sex, but better  sex as well. The author discusses how you can become a rockstar in bed before you even get to the relationship stage and how to maintain that sexual prowess throughout the course of your relations. Rather than persuading your partner to ‘give in’ and have sex with you, you should want them to be just as enthusiastic as you are. This is the first ingredient in the recipe for perfect sex: two equally excited participants.

Technique is important, but perhaps even more important than that is an understanding of your partner’s unique wants and needs. A relationship allows you to be more honest and open that you could ever be with a stranger. Take advantage of how comfortable you and your partner feel together and use this to learn what they like and dislike. Soon you will know your way around your partner’s body like the back your hand and you won’t need to worry about whether you are doing it wrong. The only thing you need to think about at that point is how to get even better!

Having sex is all about pleasure – this e-book make that very clear. So, this should always be at the forefront of your mind. No-one ever wants to have sex with a selfish lover so it is important that you place your partner’s needs ahead of your own and hope that they do the same for you.


This way, you are both focused on pleasing each other, which is guaranteed to have amazing results for all involved. Once your partner knows that pleasure is guaranteed, they are going to be a lot more willing to get down and dirty on a very regular basis.

If your love life could do with a boost then you simply cannot afford to miss this e-book and its abundant wisdom. Pick up a copy today and see if it can turn your life around.

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