Some of the Best Movies About Pets for Kids


If you have kids that like Pets, you will know how much some of these kids like to treat everything like pets. They want it on their clothes, they want them as toys, just everywhere.

Here are some of the movies you can get to make them express their love for pets

101 Dalmatians

This Disney classic has had various remakes over the years and having 101 puppies sounds like a dream for many children. As adults, we might not be so happy with the approximately 150 cups of puppy food a day we’d need to supply in order to keep the puppies fed and happy.

Homeward Bound

This 1993 film features two dogs and a cat who try to reunite with their owners after having thought that they were abandoned. Though the dogs are in the majority, this film definitely starts weeding out the cat-people from the dog-people.

Free willy

Another 1993 movie, this film became an instant hit with a troubled boy forming an unlikely friendship with an orca wale. The reach of this film was not only into the hearts of many people but also set in motion a large animal rights movement leading to the release of many orcas in captivity.


This animated feature film features an anthropomorphised rat who helps out Chef Linguini in the kitchen forming an unlikely gourmet-food producing duo. Let’s hope the health inspector is okay with this.

Marley and Me

Featuring some more mature themes in this list and perhaps not suitable for all audiences. Marley and Me features Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and over 22 golden retrievers playing the role of Marley.


That’ll do pig, that’ll do. Released in 1995, this film brought to life the rather unique bond between man and sheep dog, er… pig. Breaking down barriers for his owners in the film and in computer animation behind the scenes, Babe was given a best-picture nomination in the Academy Awards.


The 90s were a good year for furry fables. Beethoven features a rather slpbbery St. Bernard and all the fun side-effects of pet ownership in a funny, family-friendly package.

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