Top 4 Cities to Visit for This Year Christmas


There’s a chill in the air and fairy lights on display in shops. That can only mean one thing. Christmas is coming! After a whole year of waiting we can finally bundle up in our winter woollies, drink mulled wine in the evenings and start stocking up on wrapping paper.

It is all about curling up in the front of the fire, embracing the cold weather and hoping that we get a bit of snow. It’s a time for friends and family, wine and chocolate and a bit of time off work!

But, what if this year, you want to step up your vacation game by going abroad somewhere? There are plenty of cities that have their Christmas game on point, all you need to do is go there and enjoy it. If you want a magical season then consider checking out one of these cities.

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1. New York, USA

New York has to be the top of the list when it comes to best cities to visit for Christmas. There is something almost surreal about picking up gifts on Fifth Avenue or the fully decked out Macy’s store before heading to Rockerfeller Center Plaza to check out the lights. With Christmas trees all over the place and loads of choral groups filling the air with carols, it is impossible not to be filled with Christmas cheer in New York. Just make sure you wrap up warm as temperatures in New York over the Christmas break can dive pretty low.

2. Vienna, Austria

One of the best things about Christmas is Christmas markets and Vienna has these in abundance. With sparkling lights draped across lamp posts and buildings, the Austrian capital goes all out when it comes to Christmas. Be sure to set aside some time for a bit ice skating in the temporary rink that gets erected in the Rathaus Plaza. After your skate, head to a market for a big, warming glass of delicious glühwein.

3. Berlin, Germany

If you want Christmas markets, nightlife and culture then Berlin is the place to be this Christmas. The majority of the main plazas have amazing Christmas markets, jam-packed with vendors selling glühwein, bratwurst, maroni and other delicious treats. Stray away from the markets and you’ll find trendy bars and an array of international eateries. There is also a plethora of malls where you can do your shopping if the markets just don’t quite cut it.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first thing you should know about Amsterdam at Christmas time is that it gets very, very cold. However, if you’re prepared to face the elements then Amsterdam is a great city to spend some of your Christmas vacation. The canals that cut through the city take on an icy sheen and the scenery becomes incredibly serene and beautiful. Of course, there is no shortage of things to do in Amsterdam. Split your time here between checking out the Christmas events and markets and visiting some of the museum and galleries for which Amsterdam has become world famous.

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