Top 4 Fall Style Lessons You Should Learn


Fall is finally in full swing and that means pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu and all your woollies can come out of storage and prepare for fall style. But it is not winter yet. Wrapping yourself up in big coats and topping them off with scarves and mittens isn’t quite necessary. There is still some time left to rock some trends that don’t require infinite layers.

Every year we get a whole host of new trends for each season. Whether you’re fashion conscious or not, it is hard not to get sucked into the fun of experimenting with these styles. Putting your own spin on a new trend is an exciting challenge!

So, what are the fall style lessons for 2017? Let’s take a look and find out.

Statement Boots

We are so over Uggs. This year, boots with a bit more of a punch are hitting the scene. We’ve seen a lot of diamante and glittery knee high boots hit the catwalk recently. While these might be a bit over the top for daily usage, they certainly give us some food for though. Get yourself some snazzy boots and they will turn any outfit into a style statement. If you’re not sure you want to go the wow-factor then go for height. Swap your knee highs for thigh highs and feel like a true fashionista.

Simply Red

Everywhere you look this fall you are going to see red. It is definitely the colour of the season and you should be glad. Whereas fall used to be about brown and cream, a vivid red makes a nice change. Not only does it suit pretty much every skin tone but it’s not so audacious to make it only acceptable for the runway. Go all out with bright red pants and jackets or simply use the colour to accessorise a subtler outfit.

Bold Textiles

Forget about prints. Fall 2017 is all about textiles that make your clothes pop. We are talking fur (fake of course), feathers and a bit of fluff for good measure. The extra dimension this adds to your outfit really makes you stand out and it will give you a bit of extra warmth as you brave the elements outdoors. Win-win! Feathered skirts or jackets with fur cuffs are great options if you’re thinking about giving this style a go. They are bold choices but if you wear them with confidence you’ll always pull them off.

Power Phrases

The world can feel like a scary place sometimes. Whether its sex scandals or violence in the media, there always seems to be something to shock you. Of course, when these tragedies happen, the one thing that helps us pull through is the feeling of unity. If you want to show people we are all in this together, why not wear your sentiment on your sleeve – literally. Power phrases are storming the fashion scene at the moment. Whether you’re wearing single words (think: unity, respect, love) or actual sentences (we are all human; the future is in our hands) – you’re going to make a statement in more ways than one.

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