Top 5 Romantic Vacation Destinations You Should Know

romantic vacation

Sharing a romantic vacation with the person you love is one of the best things on earth. You get to spend days doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company and loving their existence. In our frantic daily lives, we don’t often get the chance to spend quality time with the people we adore the most and that can take a toll on even the strongest relationship.

When you both have some time off work and want to go away together, it is important that you pick the right destination. If you are looking for a romantic getaway then you might not want somewhere packed full of tourists. On the flip side, you might not want anything too obscure as they might not have enough of an infrastructure to cater to your needs. Here are a few recommendations of romantic vacation destinations that will tick all your boxes.

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Far from being the most popular vacation destination in Central America, this tiny little country has a lot to offer those seeking a romantic break somewhere exotic. Across from the mainland are two beautiful islands, Caye Caulker and Caye Ambergris. Surrounded by turquoise water, these lazy little islands are bathed in sunshine and are both idyllic, relaxing hideouts. On the islands, couples can spend their days snorkelling with the fish and their evenings gorging on fresh lobster.

Lombok, Indonesia

Bali tends to be the first place people think about when they picture Indonesia. But, Lombok is just around the corner and it doesn’t have nearly as many rowdy Australians. The island of Lombok is blessed with glittering gold beaches and outstanding nature to explore. It is quiet, beautiful, and has an abundance of restaurants serving top notch Indonesian food. In terms of paradise islands, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Tanzania is a romantic vacation destination for couples that want a bit of everything. One exciting activity for those with a lot of energy is scaling the formidable Mount Kilimanjaro. While it is certainly no easy task, it does not require any specialist mountaineering gear or expertise. For something a bit more leisurely, couples can go on safari to seek out the Big 5 or head over to Zanzibar to loll on the pristine beaches.

Kerala, India

Away from the noise and chaos of Delhi, Kerala is a little patch of heaven in the South of India. Surrounded by lush vegetation, Kerala comprises numerous backwater rivers, along which traditional boats float. The weather down here is warm and humid, while the jungle canopy provides blissful respite from the sun. This is nature like you’ve never seen before, sparkling with emerald beauty. Shack up in an eco-lodge with the one you love and fall asleep together to the sounds of nature.


Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love, so why wouldn’t it make the perfect romantic destination. However, not everyone likes a busy city – that’s why France is the ideal vacation spot. You could spend your days strolling through the leafy boulevards of Paris, or you can hop on the TGV and explore the country’s provincial regions. Tiny villages filled with stone houses, connected by a maze of cobbled streets are waiting for you to come and discover their treasures. Wander through farmer’s markets, sample local goods, and end each day with a fine wine in the warm evening. What could be better?

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