What Can You Do to Make Your Home as Energy Efficient as Possible?


Energy efficientMaking your home energy efficient doesn’t just help save the planet. It can also save you a valuable chunk of money each year. Experts estimate that the average household could save hundreds of pounds each year if they fine-tuned their energy usage habits and ramped up their household efficiency.

Whether you are a climate change warrior or you just fancy a few extra quid in your bank at the end of each month, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from making your home as energy efficient as possible. Read on to see some of the simple things you can do to start the transition.


Install a Smart Meter

In today’s world of intelligent technology there is no value in guessing or doing the dirty work yourself. Get yourself a smart meter that will tell you exactly how much you are spending on energy as well as how you are using your energy. This data is highly valuable as it allows you to pinpoint areas within your house that have particularly high energy consumption. The detailed feedback combined with your motivation to be more energy efficient will inevitably bring down your consumption and, in tandem, your energy bills.


Use a Timed Thermostat

If you don’t already have a thermostat that works on a timer, you need to get on as soon as possible. A timed thermostat allows you to dictate exactly when you want your heating to kick in and turn off again for maximum efficiency. You can have the heating on in the morning to make getting out of bed less chilly and then switch it off all day while you’re at work. For every degree you shave off your thermostat, you will be saving the planet and your bank account from annihilation.


Seal Up Draughts

There is nothing worse on a cold winter’s evening than feeling an icy chill sneak into your living room. Doors and windows are regularly guilty of not closing properly and leaving small gaps for air to come in and out. Draughts can cause serious efficiency problems for your house so grab yourself some draught excluders and caulking to fix the problem. With your rooms suitably airtight, you should be able to keep your heating in when it’s cold and air conditioning in when it’s hot.


Stock Up on Low Energy Appliances

Virtually every appliance you could think of nowadays has a low energy usage equivalent. Kettles, fridges, light bulbs, and even toilets have now been modernised to such an extent that they save a phenomenal amount of energy. They might cost a lot upfront but they will pay for themselves in the long-run. Plus you can feel good about yourself knowing that when you make your eighth cup of tea that day you aren’t causing too much harm to the environment.


Generate Your Own Power

 This is not an option for everyone, but if you have the cash to hand and you live somewhere with enough sunshine, you should consider installing solar panels on your roof. As with low-energy appliances, the initial costs can be high. But, you will save so much money over the course of the next 20 years that it will be worth it. If you’re having building work done to your house anyway, why not throw them into the mix.

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