Why Sports Create Lasting Friendships


Solid friendships are a key component of living a happy and fulfilling life. Your friends are your shoulder to cry on when things are going badly, as well as your drinking buddies when you’re on a high. Whatever the situation, it is a comfort to know that you’ve got people who have your back no matter what and who care about you. So, how do we find these people? Our friends come from all over the place: work, school, travel, other friends etc.

But, one of the most common ways that people form life-long bonds is through sports. Sport unites people in a way that other hobbies do not and we want to take a look at why that is.

Sports Gives You a Common Goal

Most sports teams play competitively and this element of competitiveness brings people together. By giving you a common goal, sport encourages you to work together to overcome an obstacle. This intensity puts you in situations that you would never normally encounter outside of the pitch. Pressure can be hard to handle but when you have people by your side who are all in the same boat, it feels a lot easier. This makes you feel close to the people on your team in a unique way.

Sports Makes You Work Together

Teamwork is one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn. Whether you are in the office or out with friends, being able to contribute to a team without withdrawing or taking over is essential. Sport teaches you straight away how important teamwork is and how to get good at it. No sports team can function unless everyone pulls their weight and communicates with one another. This means that there is no place on the pitch for egos or internal factions – you all have to work together to win the game. This interactive element works to create lasting friendships. As you motivate one another and celebrate each other’s victories, you form deep and strong bonds.

Sports is not Just on the Pitch

The beauty of a sports team is that you don’t just have to spend time together while you’re training or playing. Sports teams regularly go for socials, which allow team members to socialise in a more relaxed environment. Whether it is a quick drink after training, or a full blow party at the weekend, spending time with your team mates off the pitch is really important. Socials give you the opportunity to learn more about one another and strengthen your friendships.

Sports Give You a Sense of Belonging

Humans are not meant to be solo creatures. We thrive when we are in packs and so it is important to have a community. Some people go to church to find this, others seek it through their hobbies. Playing a sport gives you a sense of belonging simply by virtue of being part of a team. Immediately, you have a common bond with the other people on your team – you all like whichever sport you are giving up your time to play. From there you can build and expand in order to deepen your friendship.

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