5 Crime Shows on Netflix You Need to Watch


Who doesn’t love a good crime show? Something that keeps you on the edge of your seat and in a state of tense anxiety as you desperately try and work out whodunnit before the show’s protagonist does. Netflix is full of truly binge-worthy shows and now, thanks to that handy ‘skip the intro’ button, you can save a few minutes with each episode and binge watch even more.

If you want to immerse yourself in the murky world of cops, criminals and, worst of all, lawyers, here are some of the best crime shows on Netflix for you to start watching right now.

Making a Murderer

This crime show blew the whole world away when it revealed what might just be one of the biggest displays of police incompetence in the history of the U.S. Making a Murderer is a documentary about a man called Steven Avery who is falsely imprisoned for rape for 18 years. Once the mistake has been discovered, Avery is released and exonerated but that is far from the end of his troubles. Not long after, Avery faces a new charge – the murder of a 25 year old Teresa Halbach. The show details the court proceeding and the investigation and is still considered highly controversial.

How to Get Away with Murder

If you want a show full of badass women who can kill it in a courtroom then How to Get Away with Murder will be right up your street. Annalise Keating is a criminal defence lawyer and university lecturer who has taken a group of promising law students under her wing. These students have the chance to work with Keating on her cases and get a taste for what life is like as a lawyer. Unfortunately, her protégés end up biting off more than they can chew and find themselves embroiled in a web of lies and murder.

The Sinner

When Cora Tannetti murders a young man on the beach for seemingly no reason, the whole town is up in arms about it. Cora is imprisoned and it looks like she will be going away for a very long time – so long that when she comes out her baby son will be almost 30. Things look bleak until Detective Harry Ambrose, who isn’t without his fair share of problems either, takes an interest in Tannetti’s case. Together they delve into her life to try and work out what motivated her to commit such a crime.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you will have heard about the hit Netflix series Narcos. Divided into three seasons, the docu-series details Colombia’s bloody history as it suffers at the hands of the world’s largest drug cartels. The first two seasons centre around the notorious Pablo Escobar. We witness the kingpin’s rise to fame and the path of destruction he leaves in his wake. Season three then shifts focus to the Cali cartel. If nothing else, it will improve your Spanish vocabulary.


This is the tale of a financial advisor who manages to get himself involved in money laundering for an incredibly dangerous Mexican drug cartel. After a near brush with death at the hands of the cartel boss, Marty Byrd moves to the Lake of the Ozarks to launder a staggering amount of money for the drug lord who spared his life. Of course, once he arrives he finds there will be plenty more complications to deal with, including red necks who want his money and FBI agents who know that something is up.

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