5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Feel Great All the Time


Modern lifestyle can be stressful. Most of us spend Monday to Friday cooped up in an office, eating lunch at our desk and staring at a screen for eight hours straight. We then spend the weekends catching up on sleep and nursing hangovers. This lifestyle is fine for a few years in your 20s but after a while it starts to catch up with you.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re feeling your best all the time? The answer to this is multi-faceted but you will be pleased to know that it isn’t actually that difficult to feel great all the time. These lifestyle changes are simple but effective and if you incorporate them into your life, you’ll feel like a new you in no time.

  1. Make Time for Yourself


We work all day with other people and then we go out in the evenings with other people and some of us fall asleep and wake up with another person. This gives us very little time to be alone. But, being alone is important. If you can spend 30 minutes a day in your own company you will feel rejuvenated after. Whether you spend that time reading a book, watching TV, cooking or meditating, the important thing is that you were able to be on your own for a bit and gather your thoughts.

  1. Walk Around Every Day


It can be hard to fit a full gym session into your schedule every day, but keeping active is really important for a healthy lifestyle. Some of us will get the chance to walk to the bus or train station on the way to and from work, but those who travel door to door in a vehicle miss out on this. Try and squeeze a small walk into your lunch break or into your evening. Even ten minutes will make a big difference to your mood and help you feel healthier.

  1. Keep Your Space Organised


Being surrounded by clutter can really affect our mood. A messy desk or home can demotivate us and make us less productive – but a disorganised space is easy to change. Dedicate some time to cleaning up your personal spaces. Once everything is in the order you want it to be, all you have to do is keep it that way. Getting into good housekeeping habits will serve you well in the long run as it will boost your productivity and contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do Something for Someone Else


Studies have shown that we get a lot of pleasure out of making someone else smile. For most people, doing something for someone else actually makes them feel better than doing something for themselves. Giving some coins to a homeless person or making a cup of tea for your colleague are simple ways to make yourself feel great. Putting a smile on your own face and someone else’s face is definitely a win-win situation.

  1. Work Out Who Your Friends Are

 We all have those people in our lives that we are friends with more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else. I’m not advocating being horrible to anyone or ghosting your mates, but cultivating a small but close friendship group is essential for a healthy lifestyle and this may mean trimming the fat, so to speak. Instead of having a huge group of people that are fine, try and develop a small group of people you adore. Spending time with these people will be infinitely better than hanging out with kind-of mates, even if it means you have less friends overall. Quality over quantity.

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