6 spots to celebrate Bonfire Night London


If not Bonfire, is there anything more magical than bundling up in your winter woollies, sipping a hot chocolate from a paper cup and warming yourself near a giant fire? Sure, the fire has the smouldering remains of Guy Fawkes on it and people are celebrating his execution but who cares!

Just like Christmas, the real meaning of bonfire night has become irrelevant and now all that matters is that we see some top-notch fireworks and get to stand near a huge flaming pile of wood. Being the home of the original gunpowder scandal, nowhere celebrates bonfire night quite like London so get clued up on everything that’s going on so you can remember, remember the fifth of November in style.

Alexandra Palace

With the magnificent Alexandra Palace as the backdrop, this fireworks venue is one of London’s finest. The festivities are spread over two days and sell out every year without fail. Standard features include plenty of street food stalls, a funfair, an ice-skating rink and, of course, a colossal bonfire, the heat from which radiates an impressive distance. This event is perfect for families with children as there are plenty of activities and events suited for a younger audience.

Hackney Fireworks

This is a fireworks display with a twist and that twist is music. Accompanying the whizzes and bangs of the colourful rockets will be an assortment of songs, blasted through speakers around the venue, making each explosion even more impressive as it fits in with its backing track. Before and after the performance, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the food and drinks stands and the funfair.

Wimbledon Park Fireworks

The second most important event to take place in Wimbledon, the area’s annual firework display is certainly not to be missed. During the evening, the sky will come alive not once, but twice as there is a children’s display earlier in the evening, followed by a more elaborate adult’s version later on. In the meantime, there are plenty of food stalls and rides to occupy people of all ages.

Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace fireworks display is one of the oldest in London and each year it just gets better and better. Tickets can be bought in advance online and are well worth the price as visitors will be treated to two fireworks displays as well as the chance to have a go on fairground rides and indulge in some delicious street food.

Royal Gunpowder Mills

The Lapland of fireworks night, the Royal Gunpowder Mills goes all out for this annual celebration. Equal parts exciting and educational, visitors can watch re-enactments of what happened on that fateful night and learn all about what life would have been like back in the 17th century. There are plenty of arts and crafts activities for youngsters as well as a BBQ, bar, funfair and, naturally, a breath-taking fireworks display.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a big, beautiful space stretching out across East London. Come bonfire night, the whole place fills up with people of all ages, sparklers in hand, ready to enjoy and night of explosive activity. The fireworks display is always breath-taking, while the rest of the park fills up with street food stalls and fairground rides. At the end of the evening, there are plenty of pubs to retire to for a glass of mulled cider.

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