Celebrity Health Crazes for 2018 You Should Know

Celebrity health crazes

It has long been the case that celebrities have been the pioneers for all kinds of outrageous health crazes. Whether they actually work or not is often beside the point. If the public sees Beyoncé or Channing Tatum praising some new health fad, it will follow in droves. Before you know it, thousands of young people will have adopted this new health craze, often with very little idea of how it is actually supposed to help them.

Naturally, a huge number of the celebrity health crazes that have been propagated by the stars have had positive health effects. It makes sense, right? These celebrities are being advised by the top nutritionists and dieticians in the world, so it follows that they would have unparalleled health advice. We are going to take a look at some of the health crazes that are being predicted for 2018 to see whether or not they are worth trying out.

The Ketogenic Diet

Favoured by Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, the ketogenic diet expects dieters to drop the carbs in order to burn fat and lose weight. However, health experts have suggested that this diet might not be all it is cracked up to be. The weight loss that is associated with the low-carb element of the diet actually appears to come from the fact that calorie intake is reduced. Meaning, dieters could continue to eat carbs if they reduced overall calorie intake and the effects would be the same. This could lead to carbohydrates being completely excluded from your diet for no reason.

The 5:2 Diet

This diet isn’t new for 2018 but it looks like its popularity is going to continue through the New Year. The premise of this diet is that for two days a week you only eat 600 calories while on the other five you are allowed to consume a regular amount of calories. The problem with this diet seems to lie in its potential sustainability and as soon as dieters stop their twice weekly fasting the weight will pile back on again.

Slimming Injections

You aren’t going to find many health professionals that are going to think that this new health craze is a good idea. Rather than cutting calories or exercising more, celebrities are now simply injecting themselves with protein in order to shed drastic amounts of weight in very short times. This has been dubbed the pinnacle of crash dieting and comes with multiple warnings from people in the know. While there is little evidence that these injections are harmful, there is also little evidence that suggests they are a new miracle weight loss solution so approach with caution.


Now, here is a celebrity health craze we can get on board with. Following on from the success of turmeric, moringa is the latest anti-inflammatory to come on the scene. It comes from a tree that is found in Chile, India and parts of Africa and is high in iron, protein, potassium, calcium and vitamin A. What’s more, it doesn’t taste too bad either. You’ll be able to find this product increasingly in teas and energy bars in 2018.

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