Top 5 Countries to Live in And Feel Great

Places to live

The quality of your life is pretty much everything you live for and it can be impacted on in a variety of different ways. The level of pollution and traffic; the weather; the education system; the economy; the employment opportunities, all of these things can raise or diminish your quality of life substantially. So, where in the world should you settle down and enjoy your career or start a family? It is impossible to find somewhere that ticks every box, but the following countries have a lot going for them and are likely to help you live your best possible life.


Merely the fact that Canadians have a reputation for being polite and friendly is enough of a reason to live there. But, on top of that, Canada has an excellent education system, with over half of its resident being college graduates. Other swaying factors in favour of Canada are the huge amount of space and the easy access to nature. Whether it’s the Fundy Trail in New Brunswick or the Rockies in the West, there is natural beauty to be found across the country. It has been proven that lots of open space and nature contribute to a healthier physical and mental wellbeing.


Forget about the giant spiders for just one second and focus on all the good things Australia has to offer. Australia offers workers excellent salaries and working conditions. This contributes to the overall happiness of employees and makes for thriving country. What’s more, the weather is beautiful year-round in Australia and you can spend all of your free time at the beach if you want to. With a strong economy and a solid education system in place, there aren’t many reasons not to live in Australia.

The Netherlands

Known for their progressive stance on a number of socio-political issues, the Dutch seem to have worked out how you can live your best life without running away to a desert island. A long life expectancy is accompanied by good employment prospects and benefits; excellent universities; and a laid-back vibe that permeates the whole country. In addition to these factors, The Netherlands has one of the lowest levels of income inequality in the world, sitting at just 12.4%.


Singapore is the little piece of calm in the storm of Southeast Asia. Teeming with expats who want to escape the dreary weather of their own country, Singapore is a clean but lively little country filled with activity and excitement. It houses some of the top education institutes in Asia and has plenty of international job opportunities on offer. Furthermore, the average age of Singapore residents is well into the 80s so you will be able to enjoy Singapore for a really long time.


Scandinavia has always been seen as the most pioneering part of the world, but nowhere is quite as impressive as Norway. Officially one of the most expensive countries to visit in the world, the people that actually live there prosper. The sufficient paychecks definitely offset the slightly higher costs of living. Although the North can get a little chilly, Oslo, the capital, is a thriving hub of arts and culture. On top of that, Norway is home to the Fjords, some of the most spectacular natural features on the continent.

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