Top 5 Global Job Markets You Would Want to Consider

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While the age old saying ‘there’s no place like home’ still rings true to a certain degree, more and more people every day are deciding to leave their motherland behind in search of a new job and better prospects. Some choose to go because of a more promising economy in their destination country, some believe their talents will be of more use elsewhere and some just want a change of scenery. Whatever reasons you might have for living and working abroad, rest assured that you are not alone. However, before you take the plunge, it is important to make sure you know exactly what you’re in for – you don’t want to be coming back red-faced 3 months later. So, to help you make this life-changing decision we have compiled a list of countries that have excellent job markets for professionals.


Not only will you get to wake up to the smell of fresh baguettes every morning if you decide to move to France but you will also be entitled to some of the best labour laws on the continent. The working week here is limited to 35 hours and employees get an average of 30 days annual paid leave. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is a little higher than the EU average, there are still plenty of jobs for professionals with the right skills.


If you want to earn big then Switzerland is the place to be. Their relatively low tax rates and unusually high salaries means that you will have plenty of disposable cash to hand. Another big bonus for professionals looking for a job in Switzerland is that the country is packed full of expats so you’ll never feel out of place or like an outsider whilst living and working there. They also have amazing chocolate – just saying.

Hong Kong

If you are really looking for a complete change of scenery then Hong Kong might be the place for you. The work ethic here is tough but if you can survive in Hong Kong, you’ll find you can get a job anywhere in the world afterwards. This little region is also a shining beacon of equality with over 50% of management positions being held by women. If you’re a woman and fed up of the patriarchy in your own country, come to Hong Kong and smash through that stupid glass ceiling.

United Arab Emirates

Living in the UAE is much more than just lounging on a beach in Dubai and gawping at rich people. With a shortage of native skilled workers, the UAE is offering very attractive salaries to skilled foreign professionals. There are plenty of jobs on offer here as well, from teaching to working in the oil industry. High salaries paired with low living costs means you could be living like a king during your time here.


India is a huge place so our focus here is on the capital, Delhi. While the Western world has seen development come to a relative halt, India has seen the exact opposite. Construction, engineering and development are all booming in this country and foreign professionals with the right skills will be welcomed with open arms and alluring pay packets.





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