25 Food Facts That You Should Know

25 Food Facts

Food is definitely a huge part of our daily living. Do you know these 25 food facts?

Whether we cook our own food or buy them outside, food is something that we couldn’t do without. Also, many people have become health conscious and need to know more about this essential thing.

Get ready for these interesting facts that everyone should know:

1. Nutritious food can cost a lot more than junk foods — at 10 times more.

2. Fifty (50%) percent of the world’s food is wasted and thrown away each year.

3. Although breakfast is the most important meal in a day, 31 million Americans don’t eat breakfast.

4. Compared from chickens raised 40 years ago, the chicken today contain 266% more fat.

5. The original color of carrots were purple and not orange as what we see now.

6. The most common and most purchased food is fresh bread.

7. There is one food substitute worth knowing of. It can provide one with all his or her daily nutritional needs. It is called “Soylent”.

8. Honey can last up to 3,000 years and the only food that will never ever get rotten.

9. In emergencies, we can use coconut water to replace blood plasma.

10. Lemons are among the world’s healthiest foods because of its vitamin C that boosts immunity.

11. A milkshake is actually, the highest-calorie fast food item/drink.

12. Salads may seem to be a good way to keep you healthy and on diet but actually, Caesar salads and those with creamy dressings and topped with mayonnaise contain as much as 1,600 calories.

13. Scientists have a way of turning peanut butter into diamond gemstones.

14. Some shiny apples are covered with a layer of shellac, which are actually made from the feces of the female lac beetle!

15. The most stolen food in the world is cheese.

16. Peanuts can also be used to make dynamite.

17. Ninety-two percent (92%) of a whole watermelon is water.

18. Turnips is a healthy food which is high in Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, and in fibre.

19. Eating too much beetroot can change the color of your pee into pink.

20. Chocolate can directly affect the heart and nervous system of dogs and it can kill them.

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21. Chocolate bars that have been deep fried contain 850 calories in every bar.

22. Humans are born craving only one taste — sugar.

23. Egg yolks are among the very few foods with Vitamin D.

24. Baked beans have lots of protein and fiber and low in fat.

25. Some yoghurt products actually contain either beef or pork gelatin.


Some of these food facts may be funny, interesting, or amazing but they are worth knowing. Food may be mouth watering but amidst the appealing look, remember that there may be facts about it that will make you regret you have ever tasted a bit of it. In other words, be careful of what you eat and learn more about food.


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