Where to Recharge Our Batteries

Herd of elephants to recharge

There comes a time, roughly around once a year, when we need to get away from everything and just do nothing for a while to recharge ourselves. That’s what holidays are for. For a couple of weeks you can escape the daily grind and spend your days lounging around in the sun. Everyone needs this every now and again. While you’re on your vacation you can let all your stress and worries evaporate as your biggest concern while you’re there will be what cocktail to choose next.

There are some destinations out there that seem almost tailor-made for people needing to recharge their batteries. These destinations provide you with the perfect combination of blissful weather and beautiful scenery so you can spend your days in a state of utter contentment.

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Sri Lanka

If you want to get active in Sri Lanka then there are plenty of mountains to climb and hikes to do. However, what Sri Lanka is known for is its capacity to help people completely relax. The island is lined with gorgeous beaches that beg to be visited. If the beach is your scene, you can easily spend the day lying in the sand, taking a dip in the warm sea and sipping exotic drinks at a beach bar. It really doesn’t get much better than that. When you need a break from the heat, you can head to the lush highlands for Ayurvedic spa treatments and leisurely walks in the tea plantations.

Costa Rica

Those who want to spend their vacation recharging their batteries on a beach need look no further than Costa Rica. Boasting some of the most impressive beaches on the planet. This small but vibrant country is a dream come true for the weary traveller. Huge swathes of the country is covered with rainforest, which brims with life in the form of exotic birds and animals. Spend your days here wandering through the jungle, snapping photos of the wildlife; whale watching on the coast and swing in a hammock at your eco-lodge.


Virtually every single city in Italy is a work of art. This is what makes it such an appealing country to visit and recharge. You don’t need an itinerary of things to do because walking around a city in the sunshine is enough. Wanders along the canals in Venice or past historical monuments in Rome. Oh, and don’t forget to stop in at an art gallery or two as these are what make Italy so famous! Everything is sure to blow you away. If you head down south you can while away your hours with a gelato on the beach, absorbing the sunshine and fully recharging your batteries before you head off in search of some mouth-watering pizza to round off your day.

California, USA

If you want a combination of city and nature to recharge then California is a one-stop shop kind of destination. There are some great beaches along the coast of this exciting state where you can go to surf or just relax in the sun. There are also some cool cities like LA and San Francisco that are fun to explore when you need a break from the beach. Alternatively, you could turn your vacation into a driving holiday and hit the road on the Pacific Coast Highway. If you opt for this, give yourself plenty of time to complete the drive. You will want to stop and take photos every few miles. It could take hours and hours to cover very little ground. When the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s not the destination that is important but the journey.

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